Calligraphy & Specialty Inks

Fountain Pen Inks by Herbin

Herbin's calligraphy and specialty inks include rich metallics, shimmering pearlescents, and inks steeped in history. These inks are not for fountain pens. They are best suited for steel nibs, glass or quill pens, calames and brushes.

Review of Herbin Calligraphy Inks by
Connie Chen, Calligrapher & Master Penman

Authentic Ink (“Encre Authentique”)

Also known as “Lawyers’ Ink.” This intense black ink was used by French notaries to write official acts. It contains Campeche wood tannin for exceptional preservation. Lettering done with this ink is said to be legible for 300 years.

  • 30 mL

Ref H139/91

India Ink (“Encre De Chine”)

Also called "China Ink." This ink's primary component is the lacquer found in the Punjab region of India. Herbin began production of India ink in 1829.

  • Shellac type lacquer dries to a nice shine
  • Great permanency of color
  • Indelible and solvent resistant
  • Fast drying time
  • Available in black /09 only

Ref H112/09 – 50 mL bottle

Pigmented Ink (“Encre Pigmentee”)

Exquisitely rich opaque inks with high pigment content.

  • Decorative ink, best suited for wide nibs, brushes and calames
  • High pigment content; gold and silver inks contain actual metallic pigments (bottle needs to be shaken vigorously and frequently while using)
  • Jewel-like ink in four brilliant colors: opaque white /01, gold /04, silver /05, copper /06
  • Very dramatic on dark-colored paper

Ref. H135/     – 30 mL bottle

Ref. H120/04 – Sampling of 5 10 mL bottles

Pigmented Ink ('Encre Pigmentee')

Calligraphy Ink (“Encre De Calligraphie”)

This ink contains natural resins allowing the ink to adhere to the metal nib, but flow smoothly and consistently.

  • Totally fade-proof
  • Rich opacity
  • Available in 8 colors: black /09; blue /10; red /20; green /30; brown /40; yellow /50; violet /70

Ref. H114       – 50 mL

Ref. H120/03 – Sampling of five 10 mL bottles

Calligraphy Ink

Phosphorescent Ink

Glows in the dark - Invisible in light

Ref. H136/90

30 mL

Calligraphy Ink