Calligraphy Supplies

Brause nibs can be used with Herbin calligraphy Inks for writing, drawing and decoration.


Brause nibs can be found in the toolbox of many calligraphers, lettering artists, penmen and illustrators. Famous nibs include the Steno, nicknamed "Blue Pumpkin," the Extra Fine Point, also known as "Arrow," the Rose, and the Index Finger.

Offering a subtle balance between relative elasticity for easier writing, and the resistance necessary for clear strokes, Brause Nibs are manufactured from cold rolled steel and pressed with tools specific to each model and nib size.



Also called “Blue Pumpkin” because of its blue color and shape. Short hand nib, very fine point, highly elastic, high ink capacity. Thin line with perfect ink flow.

Ref. B300361 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B361 – Box of 50 nibs

Extra Fine Point


Also called “Arrow” nib. Very smooth reaction, highly elastic, high ink capacity. Favorite for pointed pen work.

Ref. B300066 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B66 – Box of 50 nibs



Nib for Hebrew and Arabic writing or for left-handers.

Ref. B310001 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B10001 – Box of 10 nibs



Strong, yet super flexible, fine point, with a rose embossed design. The Rose nib needs a very light touch. The soft, bouncy point responds effortlessly to pressure, for dramatic, swelled strokes.

Ref. B300076 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B76 – Box of 10 nibs

Index Finger


Simple and precise script nib with a medium fine point and a large reserve of ink. Good for monoline lettering.

Ref. B300029 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B29 – Box of 50 nibs

Cito Fein


Gold colored, .3mm, very fine point, hollow reservoir, half elastic, precise writing style. Good for monoline lettering.

Ref. B300046 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B46 – Box of 100 nibs



Fine point, hard reaction for writing, drawing and calligraphy. Good for monoline lettering.

Ref. B300065 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B65 – Box of 50 nibs



.45mm, pan nib, wider point, reinforced elasticity, strong writing style, nickel plated. Good for monoline lettering.

Ref. B300050 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B50 – Box of 100 nibs

Hard Nib


Fine point, hard reaction, strong drawing style.

Ref. B300513 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B513 – Box of 50 nibs

Medium Soft Nib


For tiny writing, fine lines. Fine point, smooth reaction and elastic drawing style.

Ref. B300511 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B511 – Box of 50 nibs

Tube Nib


Fine point, very small, very flexible, smooth reaction, high ink capacity, clear lines.

Ref. B300515 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B0515 – Box of 50 nibs



Nib for creating a music staff and writing ornamental letters.

Ref. B300068 – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B68 – Box of 10 nibs



Square nibs for rounded (Roman, Italic, Gothic) lettering. Ink reservoir on top. Unique for the sharpness of its angles and by the precision of its upstrokes, the Bandzug nib gives incomparable Gothic letters.

Sizes: .5mm /05, .7mm /07, 1mm /10, 1.5mm /15, 2mm /20, 2.5mm /25, 3mm /30, 4mm /40, 5mm /50

The .7mm nib is a unique size to Brause. This italic nib is good for invitations when the 1mm is too large. The 2mm is good for beginners and people with a heavy hand.

Ref. B3180/ - Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B180/ - Box of 50 nibs



Round nib with blade and ink reservoir, used for titles, ornamentation and monoline lettering.

Sizes: .5mm /05, .7mm /07, 1mm /10, 1.5mm /15, 2mm /20, 2.5mm /25, 3mm /30, 4mm /40, 5mm /50.

Ref. B3500/ - Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B500/ - Box of 50 nibs



Gold-plated, folded, steel nib for making large letters.

Sizes: 5mm /05, 10mm /10, 15mm /15

Ref. B3755/ – Box of 3 nibs

Ref. B755/ – Box of 10 nibs



Round and double-ended

Round and double-ended

Ref. B1614

Hexagonal and double-ended

Round and double-ended

Ref. B1616

Natural wood

Round and double-ended

Ref. B1620


Round and double-ended

Ref. B97300

Plain color

Round and double-ended

Ref. B1619


Round and double-ended

Shaped to reduce fatique and discomfort. Blond wood

Ref. B1621


Slender nib-holder with #515 nib

Round and double-ended

Ref. B1000

Slender nib-holder with #511 nib

Round and double-ended

Ref. B1003


"La Perle des Encres" Wooden Box Set

Rollerball Pens by Herbin

Vintage box set from Herbin with one wooden nib holder, five writing nibs and one 30 ml bottle of Violet Pensee ink.

Ref. H270/77

Gift Set

Six nibs for script and calligraphy, one wooden nibs holder, one bottle of black ink.

Ref. B195

Gift Set

Advanced Calligraphy Set

Six popular steel nibs, nib holder.

Ref. B140

Advanced Calligraphy Set

Introductory Calligraphy and Writing Sets

Beginning calligraphy sets offered in distinctive envelopes

Introductory Calligraphy and Writing Sets

Six nibs (Cito Fein, Steno. Pfannen, 3 Banzug) and one wood nib holder

Ref. B137

Introductory Calligraphy and Writing Sets

Six nibs (Cito Fein, L'Ecoliere, Steno, Banzug 2mm, Plakat 5mm, Rose) & one metal engraved nib holder

Ref. H254/00


Calligraphy Practice Pad

Calligraphy Practice Pad

A wirebound notepad with step-by-step calligraphy guides. Off-white lined paper, acid-free, super smooth 85g paper is perfect for testing different nibs and inks, with no bleed-thru. Features numbered margin guides with 5mm lines, three guide sheets with different slant grids, an introduction to calligraphy and calligraphy alphabets.

Ref. B96450

Calligraphy Lettering Set

Calligraphy Lettering Set

Nine classic lettering styles displayed on practice cards (Carolingian Script, Modern Sans Serif, Gothic, Gothic Black Letter, Gothic Fraktur, Chancery Cursive, Roman Alphabet, Uncial)

Ref. B194

Calligraphy Practice Book

Calligraphy Practice Book

Practice book to master the basic strokes. The notebook includes an introduction to calligraphy, description of tools and lettering models

Ref. B98204

Clairefontaine Triomphe Pads

Clairefontaine Triomphe Pads

Recommended by Master Penman Michael Sull for Spencerian and Off-Hand Flourishing.

Extra white, 90g vellum finish paper. Available blank or ruled, 2 sizes. 50 sheets

Reference # Size & Ruling
Ref. 6120 A5 Blank
Ref. 6124 A5 Lined
Ref. 6170 A4 Blank
Ref. 6174 A4 Lined

Rhodia No. 18 Pads

Rhodia No. 18 Pads

The practice pad of calligraphers, lettering artists, penmen, and people who teach cursive hand-writing. Smooth 80g paper. Available in dot grid, grid, blank and ruled.

Reference # Cover & Paper Reference # Cover & Paper
Ref. 18200 Orange Graph Ref. 18601 Orange Lined
Ref. 18000 Orange Blank Ref. 18558 Orange Dot Grid
Ref. 182009 Black Graph Ref. 186009 Black Lined
Ref. 180009 Black Blank Ref. 18559 Black Dot Grid